Perfect Portions was created by Barry O’Donohoe in 2018. After graduating in 2012 with a Bsc in Physiology, he moved to Bratislava, Slovakia. Since moving to Bratislava, he has earned a certificate in Personal Training from ACE and a Nutrition Certificate from Precision Nutrition. 



"He will learn you how to balance your dishes, and change your habits. And above all Barry is a good listener. Time we spend was about exchange and not him giving orders but advices. That's important. Don't hesitate if you need help"


"Why would I highly recommend Barry and his method? Because "Perfect portions" is the complete opposite of a diet. Barry will never says, you have to ban this kind of foods (sweets for example)."


" I am very satisfied with this new methodology, Barry has explained me clearly what I need to eat and how to improve my diet. At the same time he is always willing to help and goes the extra mile to help me complete my goals."

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